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Gym Gloves for Men Workout - Silicon Padded Gloves

Gym Gloves for Men Workout - Silicon Padded Gloves

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Size L
Colour Ash Black
Sport Exercise and Fitness
Brand Leosportz
Style Silicon Padded
Hand Orientation Ambidextrous
Closure Type Hook and Loop


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Silicon Padded Gloves

Experience this specially created weightlifting bracelet, which offers the ideal sensation for outstanding fitness enthusiasts.

Protect your hand fully

The design of the ergonomic stereo palm pad matches the lines of the palm, and fills the space between the hand and the object, enhancing friction and strengthening the grasp.

More breathable

A lightweight, breathable fabric called AIR MESH is used to cover the backs of the hands. Your hands will remain dry and comfy thanks to the gloves. When exercising hard, make sure your hands are breathing.

Enhanced Protective

Experience this specially created weightlifting bracelet, which offers the ideal sensation for outstanding fitness enthusiasts. Your wrists won't pain any more thanks to the adjustable and comfy wrist bands.

Tips of Cleaning

Preferred washed by hand. You only need to soak the gloves with soap, then rub and wash, them, and dry them in the shade. If passed by the machine, it is better to put the gloves into the laundry bag to reduce the likelihood of deformation. Never use hot water, bleach, and other strong acid wash, and do not bask in the sun, because the material organization will be destroyed easily, which will cause pilling, fabric loss, gloves deformation, and so on.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Review After One Month Use

Have been using these gloves for the last one month. Helps with better grips. Hands don't sweat and have long wrist support which helps with lifting.

Wheelchair users: these are great for propelling

I bought these to replace my previous wheelchair gloves. There is plenty of "wrap" to go around the wrists and protect/brace them, and the padding in the palm of the hand is so much nicer than what I had before. Very grippy without being slippy for hanging onto the rims of the wheelchair. I always use fingerless gloves with my chair so I can still use my fingers for whatever I might need (touch screen, signing in at the doctor's, whatever). Love not having to remove my gloves, and these do not interfere with my knuckles moving when I do need to use my fingers for things that require a little more dexterity. I chose the pink on a whim and I do like them. Also, these are lightweight and super breathable and do not hold onto sweat like my previous gloves, which also were workout gloves.

Perfect for the gym!

I'm a weightlifter and you can find me at the gym at least six times a week. I take my workout seriously, but recently, I have come into problems with some blisters. I have been trying to create calluses on my hands to help when I compete (no gloves allowed), but this has become incredibly painful and I have lost a lot of the skin on my hands. So, I have caved and decided to buy a pair of workout gloves. I was looking for gloves with wrist support since I lift very heavy weights and need the support. These came in a zippered plastic bag and was easy to open. As a small female, I found that these fit my hands very nicely. There aren't any fingertips on the gloves and this is perfect too. Sometimes, with workout gloves, you have to take them off to do certain exercises. I've found that I can leave them on all workout. These are great and perfect for any weightlifter, begginer or pro.

Great for the price…

I’ve had these about a month now and have no complaints. I had a similar pair that lasted for just over a year and for what they cost if I get half as much use from these I’d be happy. Reading other reviews in my opinion the key to not having these things tear off your hands within a few weeks is getting the correct size. I like these mostly because of the wrist support. I have had surgery on both my wrist and have arthritis in them and these are a great help. I can make them as tight or as loose as necessary depending on how bad my wrist hurt. I use them daily for 2-3 hours at a time in the gym and am by no means easy on them. They get a little rough looking after u wear them awhile but they are functional. Excellent buy in my opinion and I’d recommend them and I would buy them again.

Great gloves for the price

Great gloves for the price. the gloves fit great and have good nonslip grip in the palms, with breathable fabric on the backs so your hands don't feel hot. Convenient section of terry cloth (towel) on the back of each thumb to wipe your face. Also like the tabs on the middle finger and wrist to help pull them on and off.